Today, I had a great lunch with Juliana Reyes at Gavin’s Cafe. Because I’m a numpty, I forgot to take her picture and had to ask her to send one to me.

We started off by discussing how she ended up a and what it was like to jump right into the deep end of the tech scene. I was new to Philly, but not new to tech/startups. She was new to tech/startups, but has been in the area for a while. We both felt pretty welcome, although it seems like a long time ago now!

Juliana recently started a series on on tech people talking about everything else in their lives. I think it is the best idea and asked her how she came up with it. She said she hates meeting people and being at a loss for what to talk to them about. This series is her solution to that. Meeting someone and already knowing a little about what they love to do makes it easy to having a meaningful conversation with them.
Perfect segue…

One of the reasons why I wanted to have lunch with Juliana was to ask her about a cool project she’s working on. She’s been writing dream poetry and, with her roommate, started making short films about them. She posted one on Twitter and I thought it was pretty neat. It seemed like a cool side project she was doing because she loved it — I wish there was more room in the world for projects like this. She said at the moment, she doesn’t have plans to do anything more with it other than to make more short films.

I asked about what Juliana took in school and she said she graduated from Linguistics. I appreciated our discussion about college/university, as it seems pretty similar to my experience. I went to drink and to figure out who I was as a person. I left with a degree and somehow ended up as an employable human. Although I admire people that go in knowing exactly what they are going to get out of a post-secondary education, I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.