I had an amazing lunch with Peter Marinari today. Peter is someone who can cover an intense amount of topics in a 45 minute lunch. I knew I liked Peter the moment I first met him. He has a big personality, always thinks the best of people and consistently gets more stuff done in a day than most people do in a week.

We started lunch by talking about his recent trip to San Francisco for an RJMetrics customer event. He spent a day relaxing in Palo Alto, then emceed the event held at New Relic’s head office. Listening to him talk about how well the event got me all excited about my work, as well. Every day this week, I’ve talked to someone that is clearly sold on the idea of events being an important part of their business. Obviously, this feels great.

Peter is a great person to talk to about career trajectory. He’s spent time thinking about where he is at in his career, where he’d like to get and what he needs to do to get there. I get the feeling he’s spent as much time thinking about that for each member of his team, as well. We discussed a Seth Godin video that everyone at my work is thinking about (Lizard Brain, if you’re wondering). ┬áIt is both reassuring and energizing to speak to people at other startups about how work is going.

In addition to work, we talked about Peter’s music and where he’s at with it right now. I’m so impressed that he can juggle working at a busy startup, a toddler and being a musician, which isn’t an insignificant time commitment.

We ate at HipCityVeg, a great to-go lunch spot in Rittenhouse. We both grabbed salads and sat in the park, today was the perfect day for it.