This update is very, very behind, but I’m still somewhat getting back to real life after a very fast, very cool trip to India. I tagged along with Michael while he went to a conference in Udaipur, then we spent a few days in Delhi. At the conference, I met Vivek and his lovely wife Sneha.

Vivek is a neurosurgeon at AIIMS, a giant, giant hospital in Delhi, where they live. Since Michael and I don’t know our way around Delhi, when we arrived, Vivek and Sneha offered to take us out for dinner (ok, it was dinner, not lunch, but rules schmules). They picked us up at the India Habitat Center (where we stayed and a very cool place btw) around 8:30pm. Both were coming straight from work.

Sneha’s phone kept ringing and while she was answering it, Vivek was telling us that Mark Zuckerberg was in town the same time as us, for a Facebook town hall in Delhi. It turns out, Sneha works on the PR for Facebook in India. Aside from feeling kind of guilty about going out for dinner the evening before what seemed like a pretty busy day, I was pretty excited to go for dinner with someone that would also be interested in talking about not-neurosurgery stuff!

Sneha recently visited Menlo Park when India’s Prime Minister came to visit Facebook. This led to a hilarious conversation of why does everything in the ‘burbs close so early and why are the only vegetarian options at most places salad? It was great to get a chance to brag about all the cool things in the US that aren’t closed at 8pm and uh…everything that isn’t salad :) Prior to that, Sneha was working on PR for Uber’s launch in India. We talked about the issues that came up during launch and also how the PR team addressed everything.

We had a great meal of South Indian food. It was all so delicious and I ate way too much food, although it felt like we didn’t even get halfway through the food we ordered. The restaurant was in a cool part of Delhi that I think used to be a separate village, but is now a bunch of cool shops, galleries, restaurants and places to go out. We walked into a couple of stores, but didn’t really get a chance to investigate too much (because I was hungry, I insisted on eating first, at 9pm, and when we were done the shops were closed).