Lisa Wu

I had lunch with this amazing lady yesterday. It was a holiday, so there was booze involved. We met at Jones, a place I have a love/hate relationship with. Something always just feels a bit off there…but they have tots so I inevitably keep going back.

Lisa works at J&J and I’m always impressed by the way she talks about what she does. She loves her job and her coworkers. She spends her days organizing clinical trials. I can’t even imagine how much work goes into her job and I get the impression she is very good at it (from her coworkers, not just hearing that from Lisa, haha). Her job is probably not a great for someone that isn’t into details.

We spent a large part of lunch discussing the one week safari in Africa, plus one week diving in The Maldives trip she and her husband just went on. If you’re ever wondering how much you can pack into one vacation, or how far away you can go in a limited amount of time, talk to Lisa. Her recreational travel schedule is impressive and neither Lisa nor her husband are shy about getting on long flights for a weekend trip.

Over lunch we also discussed the optimal fall weekend for apple picking, what the eff you do once you pick a bunch of apples and when we should next convene for cocktails at our (what I think of as) secret location, the outdoor garden at M hotel. Hello, gin list!