I had lunch with Chrisse Dragon today – we both ate a quick, late lunch by the windows in the office. Chrisse is the Director of Customer Success at Ticketleap and does an amazing job. She knows everything you can possibly imagine about ticketing (ok, that’s not the *coolest* thing ever, but for where we work, it’s pretty important). She’s also really great at talking to people on the phone (also good considering her job). One of the reasons I enjoy working with Chrisse is that she’s a very empathetic team member. She’s pretty good at reading how the team is feeling and knowing what to do about it. Maybe I should copy/paste all of this as a LinkedIn recommendation?

I used to be the first person in the office every day, but Chrisse has taken over that role pretty much all the time. That means she makes the first pot of coffee most days, so it is important to be on her good side (or at least, very important to me). In addition to being the first one in every day, she also often works out at lunch. Over the summer, we went running a couple of times together (she’s fast, it hurt and I really didn’t even keep up). We both also participated in the go-to-the-gym-across-the-street club, even though that gym is terrible. Since (I’m lazy and) Mike is on research this year, I don’t need to workout at lunch all the time. Pretty sure Chrisse is still going strong on that though.

Chrisse has one of the best last names ever and we often refer to her in office as Mother of Dragon, since she has a son. We talked about Halloween costumes for our kids and also some general, “Are we doing this parenting thing correctly?” that often seem to come up in the Ticketleap office. I can’t tell if we’re all terrible parents, or just more self-aware than other parents I meet.

Since we started working together, I’ve learned several things about Chrisse. She’s from NEPA, which I didn’t even know was a thing, she’s very competitive about everything she does while being a good sport and she takes her birthday off from work every year.

While I ate a sad, sad salami-on-Taffet’s sandwich, Chrisse ate some pretty amazing looking takeout.