Yesterday, Neil and i had lunch at Agno, one of my favorite lunch spots. It was brutally hot and at that moment, I very much regretted the all natural deodorant I bought on the weekend. Also, Neil has successfully dropped a secret middle finger in this photo.
Neil and I met through some of the stuff he does with Bad Kitten, an improv group he is a part of that makes great, “come to our show” videos. I learned at lunch that Neil spent 3 years living in The Netherlands before moving to Philadelphia. I appreciated his thoughts on living abroad and how he views the experience.
Neil’s background is psycho-linguistics. We had an interesting chat about all of that including how adults are continuously learning new words, how learning language after a stroke is both fascinating and terrifying and how deaf people form words when learning to read. While he is no longer in the academic world, his education and research helps with what he currently does. Improv Science helps scientist (and other science types, I assume) learn how to collaborate and communicate better through the same tools that improv groups use.
One of the things I admire about Neil is that he always seems to have several things going on. He contributes to, he is writing reviews at this year’s Fringe Arts Festival, he does improv, he works hard for the money and he has more cool projects on the horizon.
He very graciously did a spinach check on my teeth at the end of the meal.