I met @MikeyIl (and let him know we only refer to him as MikeyIl in the office) for lunch at Buena Onda today. He has a plan to meet 100 people for lunch and document each one. I thought it was a cool idea, so I’m copying it, starting with today’s lunch! I’m not sure I can meet people for lunch every day, but I’m making it my own and aiming for 3 lunches per week.

As we ordered, he mentioned he normally eats what I would consider to be two lunches because he’s been running a crazy amount lately. Over the last few years, he’s gone from not-a-runner to finding his groove and really getting in a huge number of miles every month.

After we ordered, we mostly talked about work, with a few random questions I had sprinkled in. I was interested in the dynamic of what it’s like to work at a smaller company, but be in a huge corporate office all day. He is a front end web developer for Think Brownstone and is contracted out to Comcast. MikeyIl says he likes how they work together. He gets all of the benefits of working at a smaller company, a great team culture, etc. but also has the stability and predictability (in a good way) of working at a large company. He said before working at Comcast, he had no idea just how many people could all work on the same website. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

MikeyIl seems to be connected to everything in Philadelphia, so I asked him about how he gets involved in stuff. He said if it has a social network, he’s on it, although he doesn’t actively contribute to the same things year over year. I told him my story of getting fired from Yelp Elite. He then definitely one upped my story by telling me about how he originally met Allison Hartman (I credit her with helping me get a job a Ticketleap) by trying to set The Trestle Inn on fire at a Yelp Elite party.

MikeyIl has just finished up Geekadelphia’s Geek Awards for the year, and I was excited to talk to him about how things went. Events are hard work and The Geek Awards is all done by volunteers. They used Ticketleap for ticketing this year and I’m looking forward to showing off some new stuff we’re working on to The Geek Awards when they are ready to ramp up again next year.

When I talk to anyone that’s from Philadelphia, I always want to ask them all of their favorite spots (and other questions, like, “Do you know where to go hiking?”). I settled on asking about a brunch spot I’d seen him post about (Fourth and Cross). It’s kind of weird when you follow people on social media. You know weird details about their lives, then have to either pretend like you don’t, or just be comfortable asking questions that would otherwise be awkward. “I stalk all brunch photos and was hoping to get your opinion on a restaurant.” would be one of those awkward questions. Lunch #1 was a success, even though I forgot to take a photo until after we ate.